As seen on BeautyEQ
May 23, 2023

As seen on BeautyEQ

Interview by BeautyEQ

If you have shopped for eyewear in Auckland, you have no doubt visited the renowned Sunglass Bar on Vulcan Lane. Owned and operated by Sherry Bell since 1996, it’s a destination for premium luxury sunglasses. Bell is the eyewear expert; from the shape, fit and style, she’s earned a reputation for choosing the perfect eyewear for you before you knew it existed.

Bell started her career as an office manager for an eyewear company. After working in the optical industry for a decade, she saw a gap in the market for quality designer glasses. She is an expert in her field, and her boutique store in Auckland’s Vulcan Lane is a destination for anyone searching for excellent service and the perfect eyewear fit to suit their style.

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