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Discover our collection of Moscot sunglasses at Sunglass Bar by visiting our Auckland store or exploring online now. We provide free shipping on all New Zealand orders.

Moscot sunglasses for men and women

Moscot is a company that has been providing eyewear expertise and excellence to its customers for five generations. Over a century ago, optician Hyman Moscot started selling ready-to-wear glasses on the Lower East Side of New York City.

Today, Hyman's great-great-grandson, Zack Moscot, works for the business as its chief design officer. Keeping the family business and passing it from father to son has meant that Moscot has continued to move from strength to strength in providing the best quality eyeglasses to their customers.

Here at Sunglass Bar, we work with some of the optical industry's top brands, including Balenciaga, Dior, and, of course, Moscot. Shop online today!

Moscot Lemtosh

The Lemtosh glasses embody Moscot's timeless eyewear excellence. With a classic, rounded shape, this iconic design has its own legacy, attracting - and cultivating - creatives and thinkers alike. Each pair of Lemtosh is made with an acetate frame and glass lenses.

We offer Moscot's Lemtosh in a range of styles suitable for free-spirited intellectuals. Choose from:

  • Black and grey-green
  • Tortoiseshell and grey-green
  • Black and grey-green, polarised
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Sage and grey-green
  • Crystal grey and grey-green
  • Blonde and green
  • Crystal ash brown and brown
  • Crystal flesh and green

Moscot Lemtosh is only available in-store at Sunglass Bar. To get this style, enquire now using the contact form.

Moscot Miltzen

First introduced in the 1930s, the Moscot Miltzen range is named after a well-loved member of the Moscot family who everyone called Uncle Miltzen. These round, full-vue glasses perfect an iconic eyewear style. At Sunglass Bar, we offer these glasses in the following colours:

  • Tortoiseshell and green-grey
  • Havana and brown
  • Blonde and green
  • Crystal flesh and green
  • Crystal and green-grey
  • Black and green-grey

This style is only available in-store, so get in touch today!

Moscot Vantz

Vantz is like the cheeky little brother of the Lemtosh. This style has subtle curves, diamond rivets, and more of a square frame for that little bit of extra flare. Buy Vantz online or instore in the following playful colours:

  • Light grey and blue
  • Tortoiseshell and green

Moscot Zev

These dapper, clever spectacles are named after a Moscot family member/neighbourhood lawyer from the 1960s. Featuring a slender metal frame with glass lenses, as with all Moscot designs, these glasses take on a unisex style that is a critical part of the evolution of sunglasses and steeped in personal histories.

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Moscot is a brand that represents a thoughtful, creative culture around designing eyewear. To this day, it continues to uphold a quality that you can trust.

We offer all these styles and more at Sunglass Bar, along with free shipping on all NZ orders.

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