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Founded in 1946, Dior has a rich heritage for creating extravagant women's wear. Christian Dior revolutionised the fashion industry, offering women a chance to rediscover elegance, beauty, and joy after the strict rationing and deprivations of wartime.

Dior lives on as a household name nearly eighty years later, with enchanting collections offering couture fashion, accessories, and fragrances. Few other companies can be attributed to the rise of designer sunglasses - Dior has been creating stunning, high-end eyewear for decades.

Explore the carefully curated selection of luxury sunglasses from some of the world's top brands, including Moscot, Gucci, and, naturally, Dior at Sunglass Bar. Come and see us in our Vulcan Lane boutique store today.

Dior sunglasses for men and women

As the first couture house to include eyewear in its line, Dior pioneered the fashion industry's transition to creating luxury eyewear. Just a few years after the brand's very first show, Dior partnered with a New York company called Tura.

Founded by optician Monroe Levoy, Tura eyewear was a collection of what could be described as wearable artworks paving the way for high fashion accessories. The exquisite, often-bejewelled, shiny chiselled metal pieces that came out of the Dior x Tura collaboration were available for the shopping bag of an elite customer base.

Dior and Optyl

Partnering with other companies was an innovative move from Christian Dior, and in 1969, he did it again with a company called Optyl.

Founded by Wilhelm Anger, Optyl was an eyewear manufacturer that made luxury sunglasses more accessible. Anger invented and used a thermo-hardening plastic that could be manipulated in a vast number of ways. With Dior, they created eyewear pieces in new colours, levels of transparency, different models, and more.

The Dior x Optyl collaboration took off, dominating the industry and continuing to expand for many decades. Dior continues to capture elegance, poise, and thoughtful design in every new eyewear collection. Come and see our Dior range at Sunglass Bar today.

Dior Sunglasses

Defining fashion: Dior eyewear today

Thanks to Optyl, Dior could explore unforeseen creative territory, establishing the idea that glasses are not just about vision, but also about making a statement. The oversized acetate frames that we now see everywhere can be attributed to Dior's influence, along with the rounded cat-eye style.

Although Dior now produces clothing and accessories to suit any gender, the brand is widely considered to be synonymous with how France has influenced world fashion. Creating modern yet timeless - and always extravagant - pieces has kept them at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Dior continues to attract the top celebrities, historically and today, from Marilyn Monroe to Charlize Theron and Rihanna - who designed a collection of Dior sunglasses. Today, Dior eyewear is known for the way each piece explores geometric lines, bold volumes, and charming details.

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