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Dita Grandmaster Seven DTS 407 A 01 Black Gold


DITA SUNGLASSES Grandmaster Seven  DTS 407 A 01 Black Gold


cetateThe men’s Dita sunglasses Grandmaster Seven  DTS 407 A 01 Black Gold features a black a frame fitted with a teal blue lens. The Grandmaster Seven  DTS 407 A 01 Black Gold comes with an official Dita sunglasses case, cloth and a 1 year Dita sunglasses warranty.


Our Grandmaster-Series has always been about being bold. Our latest edition is the ultimate statement in this legacy. The commanding structure and striking appearance are the culmination of DITA’s commitment to the finest techniques and materials, yielding a look that is simply unrivaled. The Grandmaster-Seven embodies the intrinsic character and visual lineage of DITA’s Grandmaster-series. The oversized titanium hardware and innovative construction result in the most refined Grandmaster frame to date, that is lightweight and built to last.