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Saint Laurent sunglasses collection

Saint Laurent's newest collections come from the iconic French luxury brand, Yves Saint Laurent - also known as YSL. Best known for adapting tuxedos for women in the 1960s, it would be fair to say that Saint Laurent revolutionised fashion.

Now, over fifty years later, this is a brand that continues to hold the forefront of the fashion industry. Its strong, clear fashion DNA answers to no one as it grows and affirms its leading influence on the market.

Here at Sunglass Bar, we offer a carefully curated selection of luxury sunglasses from world-renowned designer brands, including Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Vaanyard.

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Saint Laurent 519

In a strong statement celebrating power, mask evolution, and a sense of self, these sunglasses are characterised by a plastic top bar and enrichment from the Saint Laurent corner angle details. This style comes in black and tortoiseshell.

Saint Laurent SL M95

These sunglasses come in a black or Havana acetate frame with a large YSL logo on the wide temples.

Saint Laurent SL M94

In a bold, black acetate cat-eye, these sunglasses feature a wide temple and a large YSL logo. Choose between:

  • Black and silver
  • Black and gold
  • Tortoiseshell and green

Saint Laurent 469

Creating a classic masculine style, these sunglasses have a bold, square-ish frame.

Saint Laurent 467

A bold, geometric cat-eye style coming in black or tort acetate fitted with full-tint grey lenses.

Saint Laurent 468

Step into an early 2000s sci-fi concept wearing these triangular frames, coming in black or tortoiseshell.

Saint Laurent 276

These sunglasses come in a squared-off cat-eye style. Choose from classic black or black and blue colour Havana acetate frames.

Saint Laurent 462

Featuring Saint Laurent-engraved temples, these sunglasses come with butterfly Wellington frames. Choose from:

  • Black and grey
  • Havana and brown
  • Black and blue
  • Black and amber

Saint Laurent 51

You can't go wrong with the classics.

Saint Laurent 316

Fuse a modern attitude with retro glamour in these shades.

Saint Laurent 465

A pair of these will enhance any outfit, featuring a bold frame with Saint Laurent engraving on the temples. Choose from black or Havana.

Saint Laurent 474

These sunglasses feature an oversized, feminine, square shape with slender temples. More colours are coming soon to Sunglass Bar, including:

  • Black and grey
  • Havana and green
  • Nude and brown
  • Beige and brown

Saint Laurent 214 Kate

These thick-framed sunglasses feature nylon lenses and come in the following colours:

  • Black and grey
  • Tortoiseshell and grey
  • Nude and brown

Saint Laurent 364

Be bold with this unisex metal mask fitted with a one-piece lens shield.

Saint Laurent 424

These squared-off Wellington glasses suit a wide variety of face shapes.

Saint Laurent 455

Characterised by the Saint Laurent logo lasered on the temple and a double bridge across the brow, these shades have a classic style with a subtle twist.

Saint Laurent 402

Enhance your style with these elegant frames, available with grey, amber or blue lenses.

Saint Laurent 461

This mid-sized acetate frame can come fitted with full blue or amber lenses.

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